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Garden Ideas on a Budget: The Best Buys for Summer

Whether you’ve got a small patio or a forest as a garden, keep reading for the best garden ideas on a budget!

new build garden makeover on a budget
Garden patio with pergola | Source: Cloud Interiors
budget garden buys for summer under £1000
Sofa Set | Pergola | Fire Pit | Plant | Vertical Stripe Cushion |
Horizontal Stripe Cushion | Orange Cushion | Lanterns

Under £1,000

Starting with our biggest budget of the post. Gardens furniture is notoriously expensive, but investing in a quality set will last you a lifetime!

If you have the money, I’d definitely recommend making sure you start with a good sofa or table set for your garden. After all, it’s no use having a pretty garden if it’s not comfy! This set from Beliani is amazing. I absolutely love the light brown rattan against the cream cushions.

I’d personally pop it against a dark grey or beige fence – depending on your personal style!

Pergolas are also a huge trend right now. And it’s easy to see why.

They add some height which instantly draws your eye up, making the garden feel bigger and taller. Particularly in new build gardens, privacy can be a real issue, so going for a pergola with a canopy on top can provide the perfect little nook to cosy up in on an evening. Without any nosey neighbours!

Of course, no garden is complete without some lighting. Adding a fire pit and some lanterns will not only throw out some warmth but also provide a relaxing atmosphere.

budget garden buys for summer under £500
Corner sofa | Hanging Basket | Festoon Lights | Basket* | Pink Cushions | Floral Cushion*

Under £500

As we talked about earlier, the bulk of your budget should be spent on the furniture. This is where you and your friends will spend time actually sitting, so making sure you have a comfortable but stylish space for this is super important.

This corner sofa is from Argos. Compared to similar ones on the market, it’s a great price at £400, too. I absolutely love the scandi style of this, with the rich wood tones and grey cushions.

I also love a pop of colour in the garden. Cushions are a great way to add some softness to your patio furniture and they look great, too! This selection is from IKEA but you could go for matching sets or go wild with your colours!

Add some greenery through hanging basket plants dotted around your fence or walls, and finish with some festoon lights! You can hang these along your fence, or hung over the top of your seating area.

budget garden buys for summer under £250
Table and Chairs* | Rug* | Plant | Cushion*

Under £250

If you’re on a slightly smaller budget, you can still make a stylish space outdoors.

A table and chair set is perfect for this type of budget. You can make sure your space still makes an impact through a bold patterned rug to offset the smaller-scale furniture.

I always love a bit of greenery, but not everyone has the space or light for it. If you have a patio, decking or even a balcony, try adding some potted plants in the corner to add some height and colour. You can always bring them inside during Winter if needed, too. Who doesn’t want more house plants, right?!

budget garden buys for summer under £100
Deck Chair | Rug | Table | Plants | Lanterns

Under £100

Onto our final budget.

It’s surprising how far £100 can stretch when it comes to your garden.

This set-up is perfect for one, adding in some floor cushions from indoors when you’ve got guests. Or, you could swap out the rug and accessories and grab yourself two deck chairs. Paired with the table you’ve got the perfect evening spot.

Accessories can make the world of difference in making a space feel full. Why not try bringing some of your cushions, blankets and candles from indoors into the garden? You could also add some fairy lights – even the Christmas tree ones you’ve got in storage will do!

It’s all about clever styling and repurposing when it comes to decorating your garden on a budget.

So there we have it, the best garden ideas on a budget for any size garden this summer! I really hope you found this useful. If so, why not check out some of our other ‘advice posts’ here.

Thanks for reading!

Tasmine x


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